iPad falling from space

iPad falls from space, and survives

Ever since Apple introduced the original iPad in January 2010, the burning question on all of our minds was whether it could survive a fall from space (right?) - in this case 100,000 feet. The answer is yes, apparently.
A Irish winter 2010/2011 scene. Credit: Darren McCarra/The Sociable

YouTube gets into Christmas spirit, adds falling snow video overlay

Although increasingly mild conditions of late suggests with certainty that we won't experience a white Christmas this year (at least here in Ireland), YouTube is attempting to bring some much needed festive cheer by providing a snow overlay option on some of the millions of videos available to watch on the video sharing service.
Twitter earthquake video
Social Media

Twitter: Faster than earthquakes [Video]

Twitter has released a short promotional video [0:47] claiming that it's "faster than earthquakes". While the video is meant to be understood as a light-hearted quip, the claims made in it are generally true and do validate Twitter's potential role as an early warning system.
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