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Yury Gagarin via Russian Federal Space Agency

YouTube film of Yury Gagarin recreates 50 years of man in space

YouTube is celebrating 50 years of manned space flight by premiering a feature length film which recreates Yury Gagarin’s first orbit in outer space. The film combines original audio and video recordings of the flight with HD footage taken from the International Space Station. A new score was written epsessially for the piece by composer Philip Sheppard.
International Space Station

Image of the International Space Station as it orbits sky over Ireland

With clear skies forecast for this week across much of Ireland an excellent opportunity presents itself for amateur astronomers to catch a glimpse of the International Space Station as it orbits earth and passes over Ireland. One such sighting opportunity occurred at 19:53 this evening, and although slightly unprepared, I managed to capture this light trail as the space station hurtled past.
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